• The Types of Mattress to Look For and What to Consider When Getting It

    A mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. The right mattress is supposed to be firm enough to support your buttocks and shoulders all while it aligns your spine with a smooth curvature. The mattress needs to be suited to the individual as there is no right size fits all. Therefore a firm mattress is more relative than absolute; it all depends on what firm means to you.

    So how do you determine if you need a new or better mattress?

    Firstly if you suffer from back pain then it may be the result of an old worn out mattress or an ineffective one. Consult with a doctor if this is a problem for you. However a new firm mattress can help to alleviate the situation and have you sleeping comfortably or at least without back pain.

    What would a good night’s sleep do for you?

    Mattress types and what they provide

    So when you decide to go shopping for a new mattress and you either check online mattress reviews or go walking down the aisle you will see all sorts of options. You may be confused as to which mattress will be right for you. Experts suggest that the best way to find out is to test it in the store. When in a store you actually get a feel of what a new mattress would be like when you lay on it. However there are situations where you will need to know what to look for beforehand.

    Here is a list of the type of mattress and their firmness to help you make the best choice when purchasing.

    Inner Spring Mattress

    This is the first type and the one that you’re probably used to. It has inner springs that provide support. The manufacturer can vary the shape or the size of the spring to provide support. These tend to be the firmest of all the mattress types and are not the best for those with lower back pain.

    Hybrid Mattresses

    These types of mattresses involve using a combination of spring and foam or fibers. They are generally softer than sole inner springs but are firm enough to give support for the person that doesn’t want that much support.

    Adjustable Foundations Mattress

    These are mattresses and beds where the angle of the head can be raised or lowered to your needs. This bed is great as it can give you spinal alignment that you can’t get with another bed by changing the position in which you sleep from the regular plane. These mattress are usually very soft and have dual sides with separate adjusting controls.

    Foam Mattress

    These mattresses are made from foam that can contour to the shape of the body and support it along the length. It comes in a variety of shapes and densities that determine its firmness though it is usually less firm than the standard mattress types. This is an excellent mattress for some who don’t desire a firm mattress.

    Exotic Mattress Types: Air bed, Water bed, Gel, Latex

    Other Things to Consider in a mattress

    Though these beds are soft they generally don’t provide much spinal support and are not a good choice for a firm mattress. These may make back problems worse as they have next to no support at all.

    Though you may know what type of mattress you want and what each type would provide you with there are still some things to be considered before acquiring a new mattress. These includes the following:

    1. Talk to you doctor if you are getting a new mattress to deal with back pain.
    2. Acquire a mattress from a provider that would allow you to return it after a certain period of time. This way you get to test the mattress to see if it’s right for you.
    3. Ensure the mattress has a good 10 year warranty. A mattress is a long term investment after all.
    4. Ask if the mattress you are buying is of medium firmness as the best quality mattress are usually not to firm or too soft.
    5. Beware of gimmicks when buying a mattress. Words such as orthopedic and medically approved have no basis in clinical trials.